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SPEAKER:  Mike McKee – National Insurance Crime Bureau

Topic: Compound Drugs & Insurance Fraud

This presentation starts with the basics of drug compounding. It then shows compounding’s growth as a problem for insurance carriers. The prescription of compound creams has grown 3,466% in only 9 year. In 2015, TRICARE alone paid out over $2 billion dollars for prescribed compound drugs. Compounds are now moving into the private auto insurance arena. The criminal schemes as well as their “indicators/red flags” are provided. Several large criminal fraud cases are used to illustrate the problem and what some carriers and law enforcement are doing about it.




Dan has 20+ years of experience in Insurance Fraud investigations.  He has investigated numerous cases pertaining to Staged Collisions; Workers Compensation Fraud; Health Care and Automobile insurance fraud.   Dan served as a department instructor for the DOI’s basic investigator courses and defensive tactics.

His presentation will explain what cell phone insurance is and how it works.  It will provide details of two  of large scale cell phone insurance fraud cases investigated by the DOI’s Fraud Division.

 Lunch and Learn – Thursday – July 6, 2017

Presenter: NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau)  SPECIAL AGENT SANCHEZ

Topic: Investigative Success: A How to in the Fraud World

Operation Project Smart: This presentation will discuss a few NICB investigations thru their final disposition. The audience will identify various insurance fraud schemes, investigative obstacles and the steps taken toward a successful investigative conclusion.

Lunch and Learn – May 4, 2017


Topic:  Strategies for Multi-claim / Major Medical Investigations-  This presentation will advise:

  • How to identify potential cases
  • How to Collect and Organize Data
  • Utilizing Resources
  • Getting “Buy In” from Management / Law Enforcement
  • Case Presentation Styles, for both Civil and Criminal

Malisa Trimble has over 10 years prior law enforcement experience followed by an additional 8 years working for a large private auto insurance carrier specializing in major medical fraud before joining NICB as a Special Agent in 2012. For the past 4 years she has developed the medical fraud programs in Southern California with NICB’s Mini-medical Fraud Task Force and IS regular instructor for the NICB Medical Investigations Academies.  SA Trimble was also part of a notable investigative team that was award the NCCHA “Investigation of The Year” for the FBI’s Operation Backlash case in 2016.

March 2, 2017 – Presenter: Oleg Flaksman

Topic:  Surveillance: A Useful Discovery Tool

Surveillance is a useful discovery and investigative tool that can be utilized in connection with various types of personal injury/worker’s compensation cases. Often, what people automatically think about when considering surveillance is mobile surveillance.  However, there are actually many different types of surveillance available. This class is designed to provide each attendee with a comprehensive overview of the benefits and drawbacks of each surveillance technique so that he or she is better prepared to determine the most useful and cost effective method for the specific facts of his/her case.  In addition, this course provides insight into the specific technicalities of surveillance thereby offering each attendee with a “guide” as to what should be expected from and what can be accomplished by a general surveillance investigator.

About The Speaker:

Oleg Flaksman began his career as a private investigator at the age of 19 in New York City, working one- man surveillance.  A few years later, Oleg moved to California and continued private investigative work as an employee for established private investigators.   In 2011 Oleg obtained his Private Investigator license in California.  Oleg founded O&O Investigations in 2011.  O&O Investigations, Inc. specializes in both surveillance and background investigations.  O&O prides itself as one the best private investigative firms as the firm utilizes the most advanced surveillance technology available – for example, unmanned drones, unmanned cameras and specialized surveillance vehicles.

January 5, 2017 – Presenter: David S. Boone – Fiveby5 Intelligence Group

and law enforcement officers believe they have the skills with how to assess if someone is lying. Unless you have been trained by the CIA, FBI, Secret Service or ATF with what you will see at our meeting, then you have been misled and you are working on a deficient measure to evaluate truthfulness and credibility. That is the truth. Most investigators are still using their “Gut feeling” or myths about how to judge credibility by using improper body, voice and visual clues that have been passed down from training officer to training officer that are outdated and are not based on research and science based criteria. Come and see the most recent research and science based program on how to Evaluate Truthfulness and Credibility. This program was created by renowned psychologist Dr. Paul Ekman who was the technical advisor to a TV Drama on FOX called “Lie to Me” and has over 40 years of research and practice in this field. If your job deals with ascertaining the credibility of others then you have to come and listen to this presentation. I guarantee you will leave this presentation with more knowledge at how to evaluate the credibility of others than what you had coming in.

December 1, 2016 – Presenter: Mike McKee – NICB) National Insurance Crime Bureau

Topic:  ID Theft and Fraud:  Two of the fastest growing crimes in America.  This presentation should assist you both personally, and professionally