Member Application

Application For Membership and Membership Renewal

Membership dues: $50.00

Applicants must be primarily involved in fraud investigation and prosecution. Support personnel are not eligible for membership.

Excerpt from SCFIA By-laws, Article II, Membership:

“Membership in this association shall be limited to: peace officers, investigators or prosecuting attorneys actively engaged in fraud investigation and prosecution and regularly employed by the federal government, any state government, or counties and municipal subdivisions of any state; special agents or persons in the regular employ of private business in the various states. The primary duties of such agents or persons being the identification and prosecution of fraud offenders for their respective employer.”

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Identify The Position You Occupy Which Qualifies You For Membership

  Peace Officer
  Prosecuting Attorney
  Corporate Security Director/Investigator
  Licensed Private Investigator Owner/Employee
  Attorney (insurers' defense counsel only)
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The applicant is personally known to me and I certify that he/she meets the membership requirements of the Association.

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Professional References

For those without member sponsors, professional references are required. Please provide three company names and persons within those companies who can verify that you are employed to investigate fraud activities on their behalf. THIS INFORMATION WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL BY THE MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE.

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I declare that I have read the above excerpt of the by-laws and that I meet the membership requirements of this association. I hereby authorize the association to inquire into and verify my membership qualifications. I agree that, if at any time during the term of my membership I become engaged in criminal defense or civil plaintiff investigative work, either on behalf of my employer or in a self- employed capacity, I will immediately advise the association by letter to the board of directors so that my continued membership may be reconsidered. I further agree that any and all communications, verbal or written, received by me as a member of this association shall be treated as confidential.