2018 SCFIA Conference Vendors

Contact Vendor Chair: Cecilia Laija -email:  claija@unum.com Telephone (818) 254-6189


ARCCA has been providing expert forensic, scientific and engineering solutions to its clients for over 30 years.  Our specialty areas include Accident Reconstruction, Biomechanics, Transportation, Failure Analysis, Human Factors/Premises Liability, Fire/Explosion and Property Loss.  Call 800-700-4944

Since 1977, Fire Cause Analysis has provided sophisticated, cost-effective investigations, engineering evaluations and failure analyses for the insurance and legal professions.  FCA’s team of highly trained certified professionals deliver quality results in all areas of origin and cause investigation, fire protection engineering, and forensic engineering involving fire/water losses, commercial structures, residential structures, vehicles, vessels and product failures.  In addition, we have been successfully serving law firms and providing our clients with trial preparation and litigation/subrogation support so that they can go to trial with the confidence and the support of our team of engineers and researchers.

Call us at 800-726-5939 or visit us on the web at www.fcafire.com

Established in 1981. SIU and insurance claims services; surveillance; AOE|COE; disability claims; background checks; locates; asset; social media and other services; Spanish speaking investigators in major cities. Territories include California, Arizona, Oregon, Texas, Washington, and Idaho

Forensic Consulting & Expert Witness Support:
Impact General has been providing forensic consulting and expert witness support to the insurance industry and legal profession since its inception in 1977 amassing over 40,000 cases worth of experience. Our growing expert team represents many talented and experienced engineers, scientists and experts encompassing literally hundreds of disciplines.

Please see our services tab for specific expertise and abilities. Assignments are easily communicated to us using our ASSIGNMENTS page or call us at 800.688.1628 for a no-obligation discussion.

Digital Forensics Services -3570 Warrensville Center Rd., Cleveland, OH 44122  Tele: (800) 849-6515

Computer Forensics:



Automotive Forensics

Forensics Accounting

Data Breach Investigations:

Data Breach Assessment


Documentation and Prevention

Cyber Security Services:




Respond to Cyber Attacks

Intellectual Property Theft:


Preserve and Report on Digital Evidence Confirming IP Theft