2017- Tentative Conference Schedule


Topic of Presentation Presenter
Elder Financial Fraud & Abuse Debra Allen – Allen Investigations
Complex Capping Schemes Teena Barton – ICW Group
Jennifer Friedl – Orange County District Attorney’s Office
Evaluating Truthfulness & Credibility David Boone
Fiveby5 Intelligence Group, Inc.
Resolving Suspect Uninsured Motorist Claims Jon Colman- Colman Law Group
Ken Oswald- Access General Insurance
Fire & Explosion Investigations that Sizzle Ulises Castellon – Fire Cause Analysis
Doug Wood – Law Office of Morris, Polich & Purdy
Evaluating Documents for Potential Fraud
Trust by Verify
Richard Harer – Specialized Investigations and Kevin Hansen – Law Offices of McCormick, Barstow Sheppard, Wayte & Carruth
Current Trends in Insurance Fraud Mike Kelley – National Insurance Crime Bureau
Understanding the Complexity of Fire Investigations Michael Koster – Reliant Investigations
Surveillance 101 Paul Netto – Western Limited
Investigative Reporter’s Tool Kit Don Ray – Don Ray Investigations
Interviewing Techniques for Medical Professionals Chris Robbins – Orange County District Attorney’s Office
Traits of a Financial Fraudster Jay Shapiro – Jay Shapiro, CPA
Using Data Analytics to Uncover Provider Fraud Lane Spencer – State Compensation Insurance Fund
The Evolution of Staged Collisions Detective Dan Shoham – Department of Insurance
Workers’ Compensation Claimant Fraud Detective Rebekah McClain & Detective Ruben Lino
Department of Insurance
Social Media Detective Sergeant Brian Farnsworth – Department of Insurance
Healthcare –An Inside Perspective to Treatment Recovery Fraud Detective Luistro and Detective Pollie Pent
Department of Insurance
ID Theft & Medical ID Theft Mike McKee, National Insurance Crime Bureau
Current Fraud Trends Mike Kelley, National Insurance Crime Bureau

2016 SCFIA Conference Speakers

Schedule of Conference Speakers

District Attorney for Riverside County Michael Hestrin will begin our conference speaking series on the first day followed by Eli Rosenblatt.

Eli Rosenblatt – “Advanced Social Media in Fraud Investigations: Tools, Best Practices, and Emerging Sources”
In this session we’ll immerse you in some of the most advanced tools and best practices relied on by professionals conducting comprehensive background and social media investigations. We’ll review some basics and dive deeper into more advanced topics, covering issues such as:
– Widespread and rapid changes in digital evidence and best practices for securing and handling such evidence.
– The importance of checklists and clear systems for successful background and social media investigations.
– The array of public records available online and offline remotely; comparing a range of sources from freely available search engines to a detailed comparison of proprietary database services.
– The opportunities, pitfalls, and dramatic changes in the exploding world of social media investigations, including crucial best practices.

Eli Rosenblatt is an investigator, trainer, and digital forensics specialist in Portland, Oregon. Eli hosts in-depth online workshops with tools to improve your investigation practice at Professional Investigator Training.  More information can be found at elirosenblatt.com or Professionalinvestigators.Training.

1. Mark Newman- Blackstone Consulting, Nancy Danoff- LLorente SIU, Christopher Miller- Western Limited Investigations : Fighting Back! A winning strategy to combat workers compensation fraud & cut costs

2. Bill King- Impact General & Jon Colman- Colman Law Group : Stage vehicle collisions in 2016- Forensic Insight with litigation savy

3. Donde McCament- Orange County District Attorney’s Office : Prosecuting Public Works Fraud

4. Richard Harer- Specialized Investigations : Investigative & Technology Sources for the Modern Day Investigator

5. Amy Zeta & Mark Zubiate- Riverside District Attorney’s Office : Auto Fraud & Arson

6. Erika Mulhere  & Matt Murray – Riverside District Attorney’s office : Provider Fraud: A Case Study on the Peyman Heidary Case

7. Courtney  Breaux and Stephanie Weissman – Riverside District Attorney’s office : Workers Compensation Fraud

8. S. Robert Radus, CPA, CFE, PI – ACT Forensic:  Computer Digital  Forensics

9. Maggie Green- Retro Investigations & Attorney Russell Kiner,  Kiner Legal Group : ADA-Are you at risk- how to investigate ADA cases & case law

10. Gregory Barnett – Barnett Automotive Engineering : Investigating Automotive Fire Fraud

11. Nikki Chambers and Timothy Lancaster- Orange County District Attorney’s office : Derailing the Pop Train: a case study of investigative techniques in detecting & prosecuting welfare fraud

12. Barry Zalma-  Law Offices of Barry Zalma : Rescission an Effective Defense to Insurance Fraud

13. Jennifer Friedl- Orange County District Attorney’s Office : A deconstruction of MRI & DME Fraud in the Workers Compensation Arena

14. Noorul  Hasan, Orange County Deputy District Attorney & Teena Barton – ICW Group: Investigating & Prosecuting Capping Networks

15. Chris Robbins- Orange County District Attorney’s Office : Interviewing the Medical Professional

16. Linda Mitchell, Forensic QDE Lab, Manny Gonzales, C.F.E., C.P.I., F.C.L.S.- Alliance Forensic Sciences, LLC : Handwriting & Other Questioned Documents Issues

17.  Ulises Castellon, CPCU, RPA- Fire Cause Analysis & Doug Wood  Esq.  Law Offices of Morris, Polich & Purdy- : -Seven Deadly Sins of SIU Adjuster’s Testimony

18. Curtis Whitfill- Unified Investigations & Sciences Inc. : Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Investigations

19. Chad Tredway – North American West Automotive Forensic Services : Automotive Forensic Technology and Security Seminar

20. Megan Wagner – Orange County District Attorney’s Office : Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap): Real Estate Fraud Issues and Trends

21. Melody Mosley – Law Offices of Cummins & White &  Brian Mizell – Law Offices of McDowell, Shaw Garcia & Mizell : Top 10 Things to Know About Examinations Under Oath

22. Shawn Ferris- Bureau Chief- Dept. of Insurance- Fraud Division- Staged Accidents Panel

23. Laura Clifford- Employers Fraud Task Force- and John Riggs- Disneyland Resorts- Fighting Workers Compensation Fraud

24. George Mueller- Deputy Commissioner, Enforcement, California Department of Insurance